About PMMS
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PMMS is Owned, Funded and Maintained by:
Terry Ashley

Perth Military Modelling Site (PMMS) resides in Perth, Western Australia.
The site is bought to you to share ideas, techniques and hopefully provide up to date product information and in depth kit reviews as a service to all modellers.

Given the constraints of time and budget the site is devoted to the scales 1:48, 1:35 and larger Military Vehicles from eras WWI to present and some aircraft that have a direct working relationship with ground forces such as helicopters and liaison aircraft (in 1:35 only).

Submitting items for review:
It is requested Companies/Manufacturers do not send unsolicited items for possible review on PMMS without first contacting me to ascertain the likelihood of the review being done given the conditions outlined below.

I will make every endeavour to review unsolicited item/s received but time constraints and other factors may preclude some item/s from the review process.

This is due to more extensive and thorough review process undertaken for reviews on PMMS than may be seen elsewhere and I am not prepared to simplify this process for the sake of volume which may then resemble nothing more than a product advertisement.

Any unsolicited item/s sent for review is done so on the strict understanding I (Terry Ashley) is under no obligation to review the item/s sent. Once received it is my prerogative either to review the item or pass on to a third party for review or technical advice. I am under no obligation to refer back to the sender regarding any actions taken.

To purchase items reviewed:
If you wish to purchase any items reviewed on this site you would need to contact the respective vendor either mentioned in the review or from a shop listed on our link page. Items are not for sale through this web site.
thank you.

Site funding:
PMMS is fully owned and funded by myself, Terry Ashley.
The site sponsors listed contribute to the site running costs and to the costs of buying kits and books for review that I may not buy under normal circumstances.
This sponsorship in no way constitutes any ownership or input to the site contents other than providing some items for review, on the understanding that any items submitted are reviewed on a "as I see them" basis.

Private contributions:
While the site sponsors help with the ongoing site costs it is quite an expensive operation not just for the bandwidth costs but in time and as mentioned in purchasing the many items I may not buy under normal circumstances.

Private contributions to the site running cost are more than welcome but I must stress the only thing you would receive in return is my sincere thanks and the knowledge you have contributed in keeping the site on-line.

Anyone wishing to contribute any amount they see fit (every bit helps) can do so by clicking on the donate button which will open up Paypal to process the donation.