Day's End
An American Civil War Diorama in 54mm
By David Solosy

This diorama depicts battle weary Confederate troops returning to bivouac for the night.

The standing and walking figures are by Shenandoah Miniatures of Australia. The sitting and crouching figures are by Verlinden.
Various other small items from Historex spare parts box.

The broken canon in modified from the Imex ICW Confederate artillery set.

The base was built up using card board and damp newspaper to form the basic ground shape. The newspaper is brushed with diluted white glue and allowed to cry completely. The groundwork is crushed kitty litter, garden twigs and small stones, grass from frayed twine and railway scenery poly-fiber set in a Polyfilla, which was smoothed over the newspaper. It was painted using diluted acrylic paints eye-dropped onto the surface.
Rocks and wood were dry-brushed for greater effect.

The figures were base-coated in acrylics or enamels and highlighted with oil paints. Dust was simulated with pastel chalk.

The flag was an image downloaded from the Internet, colour printed and white glued (diluted with water) on the cleaned up foil from a silicon tube.

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Model & Text Copyright © 2002 David Solosy & PMMS

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