HELP - A.D.2074 Diorama
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HELP - A.D.2074 Diorama

The two S.R.F: battle droids have pulled back from the front line fire after heavy combat engagement in the battle of ''Eureka'' in central Australia, against the evil forces of the ''Broome'' ....

The S.R.F. 101 with first officer Terry Johns is carrying a life support system for his comrade second officer Bob Brown, who suffered heavy laser damage to his own life support and computer systems.
The two S.R.F:s have travelled about 5 sectors before seeing the "Austmark" for help. The "Austmark" has changed course and stopped to give assistance.
As the S.R.F. droids carry very sophisticated satellite range finding equipment, it is imperative that all units damaged are returned for repair and are not captured by the evil "Broome''.

The commander of the ''Austmark II'', Chris Fletcher, has already sent a signal to Headquarters of the 17th District Laser Command for a Hl-ABB heavy duty recovery unit to be sent to render medical assistance to Bob Brown and bring back his S.R.F. suit for repair.
HELP - A.D.2074 Diorama
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The "Austmark ll'' high speed Blaster has been in service for 2 years with a crew of 3, is a very fast and powerful unit being designed to fire at high speed in the worst terrain conditions and have a very high hit rate.
Due to this high speed feature, the ''Austmark'' operates alone, being able to penetrate behind enemy lines and withdraw before detection. Twenty five are currently in service under the overall command of Captain John Bailey. The "Austmark'' 21 will also take advantage of refueling and resupplying on the arrival of the "Hl-ABB'' recovery vehicle.

Construction of the "AUSTMARK 11''
The basic chassis used for my model was a 1/25th scale Tamiya Tiger I with the top of the hull cut down at an angle of about 20% from nose to rear. I wanted to create a wedge type of look very close to the ground.
After cutting down the hull, I then set about the modification of the wheels and tracks. The wheels are stock from the kit with new hubs to disguise the A.F.V. look using old parts from the parts box. The tracks used are standard l/25th Tamiya T-34 and other than those basic A.F.V. parts the rest of the vehicle bears no resemblance to any A.F.V.
HELP  - A.D.2074 Diorama
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The upper deck of the hull was built using 8 layers of Tamiya Pla-Plate laminated together, filled with Tamiya putty and then sanded to it's final shape. Having the basic hull with its deck, I then needed to develop a sci-fi look. The first parts I used were the 1/12th scale J.P.S. F-1 car body panels which gave the sides a good smooth look. From there I attached the "Hydro Stabilisers'' scratch built using Tamiya Rods 5mm-3mm sizes using water line series superstructure parts to secure them to side hull. Having completed this I wanted to create a rugged looking, machine, so I built the ''W.T. Ferrette Locked 40 cyl-inder Turbo" motor from 1/25th scale F-1 car parts using exhaust pipe and engine parts.
From there I developed the Commanders Station, drivers compartments and main armament. The bulk of these fittings used came from the parts box. When I felt I had obtained the desired look I set about the final finished touches. The whole vehicle was air brushed using an Olympus Air Brush spraying the whole vehicle XF-20 with 25% XF-1. After allowing to dry I then oversprayed the wheels exhaust gun mounts in SF-1. The engine area and track were sprayed in XF-52 and oversprayed again XF-1 to simulate rust and wear and tear. I then dry brushed the whole vehicle with XF-2. (XF-16, to dry brush tracks and well worn areas).
HELP - A.D.2074 Diorama
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The camouflage net is from medical gauze soaked in white glue in 75% water mix which dries very firm and was dry brushed again with XF-19.
The driver was a conversion from the tank crew of the 1/25th Tamiya Centurian kit with a modified sci-fi helmet. Most of the decals used are F-1 car decals or bike decals put on with the micro scale system.
The two robots are modified GunzeGanayo kit using a range of bits and pieces again and sprayed up with the same colours as the vehicles.
The Diorama base is made up with 3/4 wood base with a plaster mix poured over cut blocks of styrene. This was allowed to dry and then I mixed small rocks with a mixture of white glue and water over the whole base. When dry it was air-brushed with a mix of XF-66, 54. 53. The whole base I then air-brushed using XF-2.

XF Tamiya Paint Range XF-1 Black XF-2 White XF-20 Medium Orey XF-52 Flat Earth XF-16 Aluminium XF-19 Sky Orey

"AUSTMARK 11 - Specifications"
Commander:-Chris Fletcher.
A.C. Medal., B.D. Cross
Systems Operator:-Peter Ware.
B.D. Cross, Service Medal
Driver:-John Dolton.
A.C. Medal
Multiple Laser Guided Rockets
(long range)

Cross country 49 sectors,
road 85 sectors

2 power units = forward W.T. 950
ferritte locked 40 cyd turbo
for normal running.
Fast attack and escape
motor-double fluid turbine
drive- hydro warp
engines at rear.

On full W.T. 950 power plus back
up fluid drive turbine power
-80kph road patrol.
cross country patrol- 48kph



Double overlocked rolled zinc
K-61/PAZ anti laser skin to main hull
and armament and drive units.
Hamogoneous K-91/PAZ
to multiple laser cannons

Centura Corp. A.F.V. Division

Diorama Copyright © 2005Laurie Baker & PMMS

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