1:35 Scale Scratch Build
by Terry Ashley


The Model:
This model was built before the DML MLRS kits were released and apart from the modified lower hull/suspension from the Tamiya Bradley and a few small items such as the head lights and mirrors the rest is fully scratch built. The rear rocket box rotates and elevates to depict the model in firing or travel modes.

The lower Bradley hull was stretched with two "plugs" added to space out the suspension as well as the drive sprocket modified with the lightening holes added. The entire cab, engine compartment and rear rocket box were scratch built form plastic card mostly with card, wire and other material for the smaller details. The rocket pod covers were vac formed from thin card with probably one of the most time consuming areas was adding the hundreds of bolt heads to top rocket pod loading rails.

The rear platform is designed to rotate and rocket box can elevate with telescoping hydraulic support arms. Two areas are a little sparse as details were a little vague at the time of building, that being the top of the engine deck and central area of the turntable with the motors etc. The tracks are from the Tamiya kit with some extra lengths added for the increased hull and this was a little loose on the right side, there were no aftermarket tracks available at the time for the M2/M3 series and I may even update these at some time if I get the inclination.

The model was originally painted in the MERDC four colour scheme but repainted in desert tan after the first Gulf War.

Built images:

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Scratch buildScratch buildScratch buildScratch buildScratch build
Scratch buildScratch buildScratch buildScratch buildScratch build
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