Faun SLT-56
Tank Transporter

Kit Construction

Step 20 to 22: Rear Tractor Assembly (2)
by Terry Ashley

Step 20 and 22: Winch and rear deck assembly:
The central junction box is assembled as per instructions but I also added the large top tank to this assembly before fitting to the hull as this was easier than later and I also drilled small holes to take wiring which will be added later in parts D32/33.

The two side mounted winches are nicely detailed but there was some filling of the join seams around the top sections and some minor pin marks on the outsides of parts D47/D48 which are easy to eliminate. I also left the winch cables (supplied twine) off at this stage for ease of handling but make sure the winch drum is not glued in place so you can wind on the cable at a later stage.
There is some wiring to be added to the assemblies at this stage and as before I drilled small holes to accept the wire as this made for easier locating of the wires after bending to the required shape, there is more wiring/plumbing to be added later so make sure you drill the holes for these wires now as it is difficult after the winch assemblies are attached to the hull.


The rear cable guides are straightforward to assemble but I did re-drill the hole through centre of the assembly after the glue had dried to make sure the winch cable would fit through okay later, these assemblies fitted easily to the rear chassis sides.

There are other details to add to the centre of the rear chassis which fitted without problems and finally there is the large central bracket with two air tanks attached to the undersides. After assembling the tanks and eliminating the join seams I found I had to flatten the bottom of the tanks to allow the assembly to sit flat on the rear deck, nothing too taxing and holes were drilled for the later fitting of the wiring. The fifth wheel just slips without glue onto the mountings to allow this to move and can be fitted at any stage.

Tractor Assembly: Steps 1 to 24.
Step 1 to 5: Cab Assembly.
Step 6 to 10: Chassis and Suspension.
Step 11 to 13: Fuel Tank, Spare Tire and Chassis details.
Step 14 to 19: Rear Tractor Assembly (1).
Step 20 to 22: Rear Tractor Assembly (2).
Step 23 to 24: Adding hoses and piping.

Trailer Assembly: Steps 1 to 14.
Step 1 to 5: Deck underside and Suspension.
Step 6 to 7: Gooseneck Assembly.
Step 8 to 10: Final Deck Assembly.
Step 11 to 13: Ramp Assembly.
Step 14: Attaching Trailer to Tractor.

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