Faun SLT-56
Tank Transporter

Kit Construction

by Terry Ashley

Trailer Assembly:
Step 8 and 9: Trailer underside accessories:
This includes the underside storage boxes, spare tire rack and hydraulic legs and again these all assembled okay with only the normal cleaning up of the join seams required. There are etched parts for the step plates and warning placards on the forward storage boxes and the front of the spare tire rack, this part (PE7) requires some nifty bending to get the correct shape as you have to work out the angles yourself due to no guides being provided in the instructions or on the etched part.


There are small etched padlocks to be added to the storage boxes and spare wheel racks which were no problem to fit.
It should also be noted that the two hydraulic legs can’t be attached until the gooseneck has been attached to the trailer so save these for when you do attach these assemblies together.


Step 10: Upper deck accessories:
Again no problems fittings these items as per instructions, the only thing to note is the six track guides on the upper deck (parts I7) can be fitted in different positions depending on the track width of the vehicle being carried and you may want to leave these off until you decide on your load.
The etched step on the left side storage box (part PE18) requires some thought as to the bend angles before hand but using my Etch Mate made the small bends easy to do.


Tractor Assembly: Steps 1 to 24.
Step 1 to 5: Cab Assembly.
Step 6 to 10: Chassis and Suspension.
Step 11 to 13: Fuel Tank, Spare Tire and Chassis details.
Step 14 to 19: Rear Tractor Assembly (1).
Step 20 to 22: Rear Tractor Assembly (2).
Step 23 to 24: Adding hoses and piping.

Trailer Assembly: Steps 1 to 14.
Step 1 to 5: Deck underside and Suspension.
Step 6 to 7: Gooseneck Assembly.
Step 8 to 10: Final Deck Assembly.
Step 11 to 13: Ramp Assembly.
Step 14: Attaching Trailer to Tractor.

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Page created 28 September 2003

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