Faun SLT-56
Tank Transporter

1/35 Kit No. 00203

Kit Construction
by Terry Ashley

The kit is built basically straight form the box to highlight the construction sequences and to show any problems that may arise. There are some issues with the fit of some parts but with a little effort will build into an impressive kit.

The construction will be split up into sections that will be added over the coming days/weeks as follows.
Click on the active links below for that sections construction.

Please note; I will finish the construction sequences of this kit but it will not be painted. This is due to the immanent release of the Voyager Models PE set for the Franziska and I intend to build a second model incorporating this set. Thanks for your understanding.

Tractor Assembly: Steps 1 to 24.
Step 1 to 5: Cab Assembly.
Step 6 to 10: Chassis and Suspension.
Step 11 to 13: Fuel Tank, Spare Tire and Chassis details.
Step 14 to 19: Rear Tractor Assembly (1).
Step 20 to 22: Rear Tractor Assembly (2).
Step 23 to 24: Adding hoses and piping.

Trailer Assembly: Steps 1 to 14.
Step 1 to 5: Deck underside and Suspension.
Step 6 to 7: Gooseneck Assembly.
Step 8 to 10: Final Deck Assembly.
Step 11 to 13: Ramp Assembly.
Step 14: Attaching Trailer to Tractor.

See for some excellent walkarounds on the Franziska and the Trailer.
A direct link to the Franziska walkaround is here;

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