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1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated

1120 production is established as a new side brand of K59 production. Its end products are joint-venture projects with other experienced modellers to bring highly detailed accessories for the modeller.

  • Z-15 - Flammvernichter set for Panther & Jagdpanther [Dragon/Tamiya](December)
    12 resin parts plus 28 resin fins to build two complete fire trap mufflers.
    These Flammvernichters contain the exact amount of fins [28]; 14 fins cast
    as part of the muffler and 14 individual fins. Dragon's muffler contains 32 fins while Tamiya's
    kit part has 24 fins.
    Also part of the kit is the hand crank guide and a rear convoy light.
    1120 Production
    1120 Production
    1120 Production
    1120 Production
    Comparison of kit part to new 1120 Prod replacement
    1120 Production
For further info see the 1120 Production Blog

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Page Updated November 22, 2015

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