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  • AZIMUT35408 JEEP M38 w. MGM -21A/SS10 ATGM Conversion set
    By the post-war period the American army is interested in developping guided antitank weapons; in particular the project of missile SSM-A-23 DART based on German X-7 is started in 1951 but was cancelled in 1958. So, after the abandon of the SSM-A-23 project, US ARMY decided in February 1959 to buy 500 nord aviation ATGM SS10 as solution of replacement. Missiles were delivered from January 1960 and take the name MGM-21A; thus the SS10 was the first antitank guided missile put into service within the US ARMY and deployed in Europe to face Soviet armored forces.
    The conversion based on the Jeep M38 from AFV club contains a consequent set of parts finely cast in resin; the system of weapon SS10 includes 3 missiles with their launching ramp fixes on acradle and built support with elevating jack. The central wall is equipped with all the control cases: command box with joystick, selector of firing, field telephone, generator, battery kit and side drum withcable for setting the battery on the ground. A photoetched set complete the detail for the fins of SS10 rockets.
See the Azimut website for full details.

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