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  • BVM35153 - SOMUA S40
    Considering the latest knowledge about the Somua S40, it was everything but a " what if" since this tank that must replace S35 was obviously ready by the end of June 1940. Actually the final project was validated from November 1939 with its timetable for industrial production scheduled for the first deliveries by July 1940; it succeeded in the series of S35 from n°450 with the first 80 units equipped with the turret APX1 CE, then with the specific turret ARL 2C. In any case the photo taken in "free zone" in 1943, showing a complete hull stamped n°455, shows evidence of existing 6 hulls at least in June 1940. The armistice stopped the production even if Somua continued to work on the S40 equipped with the planned FCM turret.
    Thus BVM proposes this symbolic tank of the latest developments of French armor at the time of the armistice which would undoubtedly have contributed in pursuit of the combat in the scenario developed in Jacques Sapir's uchronie "If France had continued the war ". The model based on the kit of S35 follows the structural modifications realized by Somua, having for climax the elevation of the lower hull of 3° in front to improve the crossing capacity. The BVM model combine Tamiya S35 parts with resin parts which includes a new upper hull completed by sides receiving the original running gear. Modifications feature the frontal extension of the idler wheel, the addition of a 10th roadwheel and a 3rd return roller. The upper hull also includes the specific modifications such as the opening of the side door forwards; to increase the assembly options the fuel hatch is separated with an internal block showing  the access to fuel and water tanks. The kit is proposed in its version fitted with the turret ARL 2C; the internal arrangement of which is complete based on the actual Technical Manual dated Nov 1939.
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