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  • BVM35138 - 8 rad SPW SDKFZ 234/6 w/ XT-7 "Rotkappchen"
    During WWII, Germans were innovative in developping numerous long range missiles but they also produced artillery guided rocket such as XT-7 "Rotkappchen". Few hundreds were manufactured by Ruhrsthal AG and deployed against soviet armor by lat 1944-45. Since the Sdkfz 234 is a well suited base to adapt anti tank weapons, it could have been fitted with XT-7 in the frameworks of the "Panzewaffe 46" projects.
    Thus AZIMUT offers in the BEST VALUE MODELS range this 8 wheeled vehicle designated SDKFZ 234/6 which is a potential evolution of the SDKFZ 234 chassis. the model is based on Italeri/PUMA chassis combining Bronco/Sdkfz 221 turret armed with XT-7 "Rotkappchen" from RPM. Resin parts include an extended hull roof, a launching ramp with sight and fire control system. Additionnally a 8.8cm Panzerschreck is included for close combat.
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