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1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated

  • CB35039 German Tactical Assault Glider DFS 230 B-1 w/Fallschirmjäger (4 Figures by Dragon) April/May
    Bronco Models
    Bronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco Models

  • Items shown as new are in the Bronco 2017-2018 catalogue
  • CB35066 Hungarian 40M Anti-Aircraft Tank "Nimrod"
    Bronco Models
  • CB35120 Hungarian Medium Tank 40.M 'Turan' I
    Bronco Models
  • CB35126 Hungarian Medium Tank 'Turan' III
    Bronco Models
  • CB35137 Morris Commercial C8 4x4 FAT Mk.II with QF 25pdr Field Gun No.27 Ammunition Limber
    Bronco Models
  • CB35207 British Army ATV Quad Bike and Trailer w/soldier
    Bronco Models
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Page Updated April 10, 2018

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