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  • No. 20 MERKAVA Mk.1 (And 1 Meshupar) part 1.
    Part 1 contains the following:
    • Our traditional introduction chapter with the history of the Merkava Mk. 1 development with prototypes.
    • The Merkava family description.
    • In action photos taken by the author.
    • General views and walk around.
    • Special chapters for the weapons, Power Pack and engine compartment, Suspensions details, Refueling and maintenance.
    • The Interior and opened covers in turret and hull (full chapter in part 2), the man and the machine.. And more.
    • Drawings of various details. All photos are genuine and never published before.
    Book is 84 pages of the Desert Eagle Publishing known high quality printing and photographs, for the benefit of the AFV modeler and the Tank enthusiast.
    This book is a perfect reference for building the Tamiya Mk. 1, as well as the new Takom Merkava Mk. 1 and Merkava Mk. 1 Hybrid.
    Photographs in this book were selected from thousands of the comprehensive albums taken by the author during training and maneuvers.
    The rest of other imported and selected photographs were left for part 2 with additional beautiful in action photos, as well as full interior and opened service doors, full chapter of the Nochri on the Mk. 1 and more walk around and description of the differences between the Merkava Mk. 1 derivatives.
    Another special chapter will include the photography of Mk. 1 wrecks.
    Part 1 is under censorship clearance procidure. It will take 3 weeks until book is available.
    Desert Eagle PublishingDesert Eagle PublishingDesert Eagle PublishingDesert Eagle Publishing
  • DEP-35005 Adapters mini-kit, front and rear for Merkava Mk. 1, 2, 3
    Kit characteristics are:
    • Full research based on IDF drawings and real measurements and in-action photography. (not from internet or books)
    • Design and masters by Quick Wheels from Poland.
    • Suitable for all Merkava models of Meng, Academy, Tamiya, Hobby Boss, Trumpeteer.
    Mini-kit includes:
    • Comprehensive instructions and drawings.
    • CD with in-action and details photography.
    • Many resin parts including tank supports and all relevant pins and adjusting screws.
    • Both, rear and front adapters included with all connecting parts.
    • Parts are nicely molded with welding seams.
    • All grab and carrying handles included.
    * Pintle can be assembled in open or closed positions.
  • No. 19 PUMA HEAVY APC. In the Centurion Based APC in IDF service part 3.
    Desert Eagle PublishingDesert Eagle PublishingDesert Eagle PublishingDesert Eagle Publishing
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