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  • HIS0692 - Allied Units of WWII: The First (US) Infantry Division
    96 pages, hard back English Edition
    Author : Stéphane Lavit & Philippe Charbonnier
    Publication date : 24/2/2017
    ISBN : 9782352504702
    The 1st Infantry Division was formed in 1917 to fight in France and faced the great German offensives of 1918. During the Second World War, it made its first landing in 1942 in North Africa. Following the invasion of Sicily and the Normandy landing, the Battle of the Ardennes and the conquest of the Reich to Czechoslovakia.
    According to the legend of the time, the US military is made up of the 1st division and six million reinforcing soldiers! Through hundreds of historical cliches, we follow the battles of this elite unit in 1942-1945. In charge of the most difficult missions, it will accomplish them without demerit.
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