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1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated
  • Z-16 - Rundumfeuergerät (remote control MG-34)
    kit contains 20 resin parts plus 2 resin jigs.

    This is a highly accurate/detail full resin kit. All the parts are actually design/reproduced as the real gun mount using measurements taken from the Hetzer at Austria Museum. For all 1:35 scale Hetzer, Stug 3 ausf.G & Stug 4.

    • All parts are made according to real measurements.
    • Accurate dimensioned cradle with rear hooks that could actually hold the Mg34 in position.
    • The front fitting with the hinged clamp are faithfully reproduced with every single detail.
    Clamp actually hinged (workable) and lock with a locking pin as the real thing.
    • A section of periscope is also included (upper half).
    • The tiny control rods and its mounting brackets are finely reproduced.
    Left and right controls rods has different shapes which is also faithfully reproduced.
    • A highly detail tiny trigger and its mount is included.
    • Two sets of shields are provided for Hetzer and Stug 3/4.
    • 2 jig is included to ease construction.
    K59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 Production
    K59 ProductionK59 Production
  • Z-17 - MG-34 (for panzer)
    kit contains 12 resin parts plus 2 PE parts.

    This Mg34 is specially made to fit our remote control gun mount (item Z16) and panzers.

    • Highly detail main gun body with barrel and ammo bay cover in one single casting.
    • Hollow cast barrel jacket.
    • Butt stock is cast as a separate part.
    • Front gun sight could be assembled in up/down position.
    • Highly detail rear gun sight with markings, could be built into up/down position.
    • Highly detail drum magazine with handle in one single casting.
    • A small section of 7.92mm cartridge is included.
    • The tiny AA sight mount at barrel jacket is faithfully reproduced.
    • A set of mount/bracket is also included for Stug 3/Stug 4 Mg shield.
    K59 ProductionK59 Production
See the K59 website for full details

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