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  • C-022 2cm Flak38 upgrade kit (for Dragon)
    This kit includes the entire Upper Carriage (circular base included)
    Except the following parts from Dragon:
    1) The hand knobs from Dragon (part A4 and A5)
    2) The lower carriage (part A71 and associated parts) from Dragon
    This kit has a total of 104 resin parts, one clear resin part and a few PE parts.
    It represent a standard gun production and could be used on most of Dragon kit with 2cm Flak 38 .

    Kit Main Features:
    • Highly detail 2cm gun and barrel in one piece casting
    • Gun is lock/insert to hooks at cradle as the real one.
    • Accurately detailed cradle and rings
    • New circular rotary ring base with correct locations for the seat mount brackets
    • Fully detailed gun elevation system 
    • Extremely detail and accurate  Flakvisier 38/40 built with 13 resin parts
    • Extremely detail firing pedal with 8 resin parts,
    • A foldable gunner seat with details at all sides.
    • Battery box and its mount is faithfully reproduced.
    • Fully detailed Steering rods
    • All gun shields are accurately detailed.
    • PE chains and details
    K59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 Production
    K59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 ProductionK59 Production

See the K59 website for full details

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Page Updated April 21, 2017

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