New Releases
1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated
  • LF1341 AVDS-1790 Engine & Compartment set I (for AFV Club M60 Series)
    48 Resin, 19 PE parts
    Legends Productions
  • LF1342 Leopard 2A4M CAN Detailing set (for Hobbyboss)
    25 Resin, 97 PE parts - Including PERI-R17A2 Sight
    Legends Productions
  • LF1343 AVDS-1790 Engine & Sling set
    42 Resin, 40 PE parts
    Legends Productions
  • LF1344 AVDS-1790 Engine & Compartment set II ( for For Dragon's M48/M60 Series)
    76 Resin, 19 PE parts
    Legends Productions
  • 1/16 Scale LF3D16001 US NAVY SEAL Team Operator
    3D Sculpted w/HK416*XM320 - 54 Resin Parts
    Legends Productions
See the new Legends Productions website for full details and other update/detail sets.

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Page Updated February 17, 2017

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