New Releases
1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated
  • MR-35498 upgrade and gun barrel AMD 35 Panhard 178  French Army (ICM)
    MR Modellbau
  • MR-35525 gun barrel for AMX 13/75 (TAKOM)
    MR Modellbau
  • MR-35527 gun barrel for AMX 13/90 (TAKOM)
    MR Modellbau
  • MR-35529 upgrade and gun barrel P204(f) Panhard 178  German Wehrmacht (ICM)
    MR Modellbau
    MR-35530 upgrade AMD 35 Panhard 178  French Vichy Army
    MR Modellbau
  • MR-35536 roadwheels MT-LB  (TRUMPETER)
    MR Modellbau
See the MR Modellbau website for full details

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Page Updated April 4, 2016

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