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Dear Friends,
Readers and subscribers to our Nuts & Bolts series, we feel we should inform you of the sad loss of John Rue who after along illness recently passed away.
Apart from our very first issue of Nuts & Bolts John has provided all the scale drawing of the next 36 volumes, a superb achievement in its own right. From these magnificent drawings were also the basis of the camouflage painting. Readers of magazine reviews will appreciate that these drawings were always highly commended in the review text. John was a most important member of the Nuts & Bolts team and served us loyally for over twenty years. He will be sorely missed.

John and his great skill can never be replaced but if any of our readers are aware of draughtsmen who wish to be considered as a replacement we would be most pleased to hear from him/her. Contact us at: hfd.duske@t-online.de

Nuts & Bolts Team
Heiner F. Duske
Tony Greenland
Detlev Terlisten

For further details see the www.nuts-bolts.de web-site:

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Page Updated March 10, 2017

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