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  • M50 and M51
    Lioness and Lion of the Line Volume 3
    This book is volume 3 in the  Lioness and Lion of the Line  series on Israeli Sherman tanks in IDF service and covers the M50 and M51 Sherman tanks and their operation in IDF including the story of the M51 tanks upgrade to the Cummins diesel engine.  Authored by Dr. Robert Manasherob, a world recognized expert on Israeli military tanks and vehicles, this book contains dozens of new and never published photos, new and accurate info and facts, results of several years of research, 1/35 scale drawings, color profiles, more than 170 photos including action photos, crew photos, walk around photos, unique markings and illustrations.
    Amongst the contents are the following:
     80 pages   B&W and full color
     More than 170 B&W and color photos and illustrations  Dozens of unique and previously unpublished photos  In-action photos  Walk-around photos  Crew photos
     1/35 scale line drawings
     Unique markings
     Detailed color profiles 
    Tactical markingss
    SabInga Martin Publications
See the SabInga Martin Publications website for full details

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