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  • SABOT Publications new book is the first in a new line of books. Foto File #1 is on the Krupp Protze, the 6-wheeled truck used extensively by German forces in World War II. This book contains prints of original photographs of the Krupp Protze that have never before been published. The book is broken down into three chapters: 1 - Standard Troop Carrier Kfz 70; 2 - 37mm PaK transport Kfz 69, and 3 - Searchlight generator transport Kfz 83.
    The last chapter has several photographs of the searchlight itself, the generator carried in the Protze, some up close showing detail and others showing the searchlight in use or being towed.
    Preorder on www.sabotpub.com.

  • Foto File #1: Krupp Protze and Variants
    48 pages, black and white photos.
    SABOT Publications
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