New Releases
1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated
  • 35-1348 M3 Lee/Grant Corrected Rear Hull Plate(w/Pepper Pots) (TAKOM)
    Kit Features:
    • Adds division line between upper and lower rear plates (missing from kit part)
    • Adds division lines between rear plate and side plates (incorrect on kit parts)
    • Corrects rivet patters (too high on on kit part)
    • Corrects upper left engine door hinge (incorrect on kit part)
    • Adds 3 screw heads each side of upper rear hull plate (missing from kit parts)
    • Made to show exhaust opening and pepper pot mounting bolt holes
    • Added casting numbers to bottom of plate (not on all vehicles)
    • Comes with set of TMD pepper pots w/o cutouts (35-1264)
    The New TMD
  • 35-1349 M3 Lee/Grant Initial Transmission Housing (w/mold line) (TAKOM)
    Kit Features:
    • Cast with bulges assembled and smoothed in
    • Depicts initial bolt lip, w/o counter sunk bolt heads
    • Depicts very early center section, w/prominent separation mark
    • Added casting texture, center section heavier than outer sections
    • Adds drain plugs to bottom of final drive bulges
    • Accurate casting marks for time period
    The New TMD
  • 35-1350 M3 Lee/Grant Bow Plate w/Open MG holes & Barrels (TAKOM)
    Kit Features:
    • Cast with open MG barrel holes
    • Includes 2 .30 cal MGs from TMD T6 kit
    • Includes 2 TMD initial pattern .30 cal MG barrels (35-1001)
    The New TMD
  • 35-1351 M3 Lee/Grant Final Drive Housings (TAKOM)
    Kit Features:
    • Adds structural details (missing on kit parts)
    • Adds casting numbers (missing on kit parts)
    The New TMD

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