Archer Fine Transfers
1:48 Dry Transfer Decal Sheets
Reviews by Terry Ashley

Archer Fine Transfers have released a number of dry transfer decal sheets for 1:48 US and Allied vehciles of WWII.

The sheets came in both white and yellow markings for early war and Pacific vehicles with alternate sheets for solid and stencil vehicle data, registration numbers and US stars again with plain stars and with full circle and stencil circle types.

The sheets are designed to be applied using the rub on technique where you cut out the required item from the sheet, place on the model and careful burnish down with an tool ranging from purpose made burnishing tool to a ball point pen, basically anything without a sharp point.

The decals can also be used as conventional water slide decals by appling the marking to a clear decal film sheet using the method above and then apply like any water slide decal.
This really defeats the main advantage of dry transfers in that you don't need to gloss the model first and they are dry instantly.

Below are examples of the 1:48 sheets available and to see the full list check the Archers Fine Transfers website.

Highly recommended.

US vehicle registration codes
Non-stencil style, white
Archer Fine Transfers
US vehicle registration codes
Stencil style, white
Archer Fine Transfers
Stars for Shermans
Archer Fine Transfers
US Stars in circles
Archer Fine Transfers

See the Archers web site for full details.

Page Created 4 June 2005

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