Opel Blitz
Early War
1:48 Kit #48003
Review by Terry Ashley

Image of finished model courtesy Calibre48

Calibre48 have released this full resin kit of the early war Opel Blitz 3t 4 x 2 type S Truck which is probably one of the best known German Army trucks from WWII.
It was built from 1937 to 1944 and used on most fronts as well as being fitted with a variety of body types during its service life.

The kit consists of 56 parts in light cream and dark grey resin plus eighteen etched parts and a small clear sheet with the windscreen and windows as well as a simple instruction sheet.

Etched parts and clear sheet

The quality of the resin is excellent with cleanly cast parts that are perfectly formed without any warping especially on larger parts such as the chassis and rear cargo tray sides which helps to make the assembly straightforward.

The only clean up required is the usual casting blocks to be removed and some excess resin in the wheel rim holes that will need care opening up. The cab doors and windscreen are cast on a flat backing sheet that requires a bit more effort to cleanup and results in no detail on the inside of the doors.

The kit can be built in three distinct sub-assemblies and married together at the end which allows you to work on one while the glue or paint on the other dries.

The lower chassis frame as mentioned is perfectly square and flat which is good as this forms the basis for the hole kit and if warped would cause additional problems which thankfully are non existent. Added to the chassis is the upper three quarters of the engine which is very plain but you can’t see this after assembly except from an insects viewpoint. The four leaf springs are separate and fit precicely into place followed but the front axle and rear differential, drive shaft and exhaust for a fairly basic but adequate assembly.

The wheels have nice rim details as well as good tread pattern on the tyres but as mentioned care will be needed cleaning out the lightening holes in the wheel rims.

The front cab has the engine hood, side panels and fenders in one nicely cast part with a separate front radiator while on the inside is a separate firewall/instrument panel with etched parts for the steering wheel, foot pedals and wiper blades with the clear sheet used for the windscreen and side windows.

Other details include the separate resin head lights and etched parts for the hood “T” fasteners, width indicators, rear view mirrors and front number plate.

The fit of the cab parts is very good providing you are careful during the cleanup and fit together without any problems with this sub-assembly then being glued to the front of the chassis frame.

Lastly there is the rear cargo tray and again the floor, side and rear ‘wooden’ panels are cast perfectly straight with subtle wood grain texture included on both sides making for a simple assembly. The rear mudguards are then added as are a couple of storage boxes and rear taillight and number plate. This sub-assembly is then attached to the chassis frame to finish off the assembly.

The instructions are simple exploded view drawings of the three sub-assemblies which are very clear and easy to follow as there are not that many parts and the assembly is very straightforward, made easier by the quality of the resin casting.

This is a neat little kit with cleanly cast parts without any blemishes to contend with making assembly very straightforward. The etched parts add that nice detail touch with the kit able to be used as an Army or Luftwaffe vehicle for a good crossover that this scale allows.

Highly recommended.

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book Opel Blitz in Detail
Wings & Wheels Publications
Special Museum Line No.1

Trucks of the Wehrmacht
German Vehicles in WWII

Schiffer Military History
Reinhard Frank
ISBN 0-88740-686-6

Hard Cover
207 Pages

Thanks to Andrew of SouthEast Hobbies who carry the full Calibre35 and Calibre48 ranges for the review sample.

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