Hetzer barrel
1:48th Scale set #MK-4
Review by Terry Ashley

Tamiya Finemolds have released this metal barrel for the recently released Tamiya 1:48 Hetzer Early Production kit #32511 and consists of a single turned barrel with the muzzle drilled out.

The barrel is the same size as the Tamiya kit barrel and fits into the mantlet the same as the kit barrel without any problems with the fit being spot on although it should be noted that the kit barrel is about 2mm too long and this is replicated in the metal barrel.

The Tamiya kit barrel has the separate end cap that results in a prominent join seam and is actually a little wider than the barrel while the metal barrel doesn't have the join seam and the muzzle end is slightly narrower than the barrel but it should be the same diameter and have a small seam line where the end cap joins the barrel.

A simple update for the Tamiya kit but replicates the extra barrel length with a slightly incorrect muzzle.

Finemolds barrel with Tamiya barrel
Barrel fitted to Tamiya mantlet

Thanks to my Credit Card and to the guys at Rainbow Ten for their excellent service.

Page Created March 25, 2005

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