Tiger 1 barrel
1:48th Scale set #MK-1
Review by Terry Ashley

Tamiya Finemolds have released this metal barrel for the recently released Tamiya 1:48 Tiger I Early Production kit #32504 and consists of a single turned barrel and separate cast metal muzzle brake.

The barrel is the same size as the Tamiya kit barrel and fits into the mantlet the same as the kit barrel without any problems but unfortunately that's about as far as the good news goes.

The barrel lacks the details of the Tamiya barrel such as the grooves at the barrel junction and on the cast metal muzzle brake which also requires a fair bit of cleanup with a sizable seam line down the middle and undersized cut-out holes as well as being slightly smaller than the kit muzzle brake.

Very much a case of the aftermarket item not being as good as the part it is supposed to replace and unless you absolutely need a metal barrel I'd stick with the kit barrel for now.

Finemolds barrel with Tamiya barrel

Thanks to my Credit Card and to the guys at Rainbow Ten for their excellent service.

Page Created February 9, 2005

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