Upgrade set for M4 Sherman
Gaso.Line Kit #48031
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaGaso.Line continue to release update sets for the Tamiya 1:48 kits and this set is designed to add details to the M4 Sherman (kit #32505) with the set having 14 light grey resin pieces, two metal barrels and an Hauler etched fret.

The standard of resin casting is excellent with no cleanup other than the usual casting blocks with very fine and well defined details on the parts.

Included in the set is the turret hatch ring and split hatches, the two hull crew hatches with separate periscopes and additional spring retainers for the front hatches as well as a .50cal machine gun, mounting and ammo box.

There is also a metal replacement M3 75mm barrel and metal barrel for the .50cal MG plus the Hauler etched fret from their .50cal set HLX48006.

The detail in the hatch ring is superb with inner rim details, the small MG pedestal and folding MG support while the two split hatches have details on both sides including periscope mountings and latches. The periscope is a separate part to add definition while you have to add the small grab handles from thin wire to finish off the detail.

The resin hatch ring fits perfectly to the Tamiya turret without any modification required but some minor light sanding will be needed to fit the hull hatches to the Tamiya hull contours. Leaving these hatches open negates the need for this sanding and also shows off the excellent hatch details to the full extent and as there are several crew figures available you won’t be looking into an empty hull anyways.

The hull hatches are equally well detailed with excellent details on both sides with again separate periscopes and include the small padlock latch although I reduced this as it was a bit thick but simply couldn’t be cast any thinner so is not a criticism, just one of things you improve on. The grab handles were again added from thin wire and the retaining springs included on later small hatches are also provided but if you use these attachment points will have to be added on the kit hull top.

A resin .50 cal MG with metal barrel is included but has the post war cradle cast with the MG body which will have to be removed to use on the Tamiya M4 while the early war style gun mount is included and as mentioned the Hauler .50cal etched fret with additional .50 cal details such as the cooling jacket, early and late cradles and ammo box cradle and box plus a length of ammo belt is also included to detail up the gun as much as you want.

This is a fairly simple set with excellent details on the turret and hull hatches that leave the plain almost featureless Tamiya hatches in the dark and will add considerable finesse to the finished kit. The inclusion of the 75mm barrel and detailed .50cal is a real bonus.

Highly recommended.

Resin parts
Views of the assembled hatches
Top hatch fitted to Tamiya turret

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