M3 75mm Sherman Barrel
Gaso.Line Kit #50530G
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaGaso.Line have released this metal barrel for the recently released Tamiya 1:48 M4 Sherman Early Production kit #32505 and consists of a single turned barrel with the muzzle drilled out.

The barrel is the same size as the Tamiya kit barrel and fits into the mantlet the same as the kit barrel without any problems although the barrel neck is slightly narrower than the hole in the Tamiya mantlet resulting in slight movement that you will have to deal with but other than that it's a straight fit.

The Tamiya kit barrel has the separate end cap that requires the join seam to be filled and the metal barrel eliminates that minor problem completely with the only quibble being it lacks the subtle flare at the end of the early 75mm M3 barrel.

A simple but effective update for the Tamiya kit that adds a nice detail touch.

Gaso.Line barrel with Tamiya barrel.

Gaso.Line kits are available from
Thanks to Olivier of for the review set.

Page created 12 March 2005

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