M4 Sherman
Etched Detail Set#HLX48001
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaThe set from Hauler is designed for the Tamiya M4 Sherman (kit #32505) consists of two etched frets with parts for the Sherman and a second fret with detail parts for the .50cal MG which is also available separately as set #HLX48006.

The quality of the etching is excellent and well up the current state of the art and as you would expect being 1:48 scale there are some quite small parts but these are still very well defined. The parts have the usual relief etching where applicable and engraved bend lines which is quite normal for current etched sets.

The main parts in the set are the front and rear light bush guards, front and rear fenders plus the securing clips on the exhaust air cleaners, the mesh screens for the two rear grouser intakes and most of the tool brackets and tie downs which do require the moulded on brackets to be removed for the tools but you could attach the etched tie downs over those on the tools moulded with the main hull to make things a little easier.

The full length hull side fender attachment brackets are in three pieces per side with the bolt holes included and there is also the perforated barrel jackets for the hull and turret .30cal MG which has to be formed around a thin rod to replace the kit guns and should look quite good.

For the hull and turret hatches there are etched periscope brackets for the insides to replace the basic kit items as well as fine grab handles, the periscope base plate and also the periscope bush guards which again are very fine and don’t suffer as much with the flat one dimensional look in this smaller scale as well as very small brackets for the front hull hatches.

For the turret there is the two sighting vanes again in very fine etchings that will add good definition and the .50MG support clip for the Commander’s hatch ring plus the co-ax .30MG jacket as mentioned.

The details parts for the .50cal include the early and late type pedestal and cradle mountings made up of multiple parts each as well as etched .50cal ammo box with separate lid and multipart box cradle as well as the barrel cooling jacket, upper sights and rear hand grips all of which firstly require the moulded on kit gun details to be removed before fitting the etched parts but will provide a very well detailed .50cal in this scale and as mentioned this set is available separately if required as set #HLX48006.
Also included is a length of .50cal ammo belt but the rounds are a little flat in profile which is an issue with all etched ammo belts but can be enhanced by putting a dab of undiluted white glue on each round to give a bit of definition when painted.

The instructions are exploded view drawings which are fairly clear and there shouldn’t be any problems in fitting the parts but as with any set careful study of the instructions will help.

A nicely detailed and comprehensive set that provides most of the parts required to add what could be considered the essential details on the Tamiya Sherman which requires only minor adjustments to the kit to fit the new parts and there is also a separate M4 Fenders Set (#HLX48002) if you want to add the full fenders and also a set of resin tools (#HLX48022) which will allow you to shave off the moulded on tools and make full use of the tool brackets and tie downs in this set.

Highly recommended.

See additional images of the parts fitted to the Tamiya M4 Sherman kit.

Etched parts
.50cal MG

Thanks to Jan from Hauler Shop for the review set.

Page created April 17, 2005

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