THOMA Schürzen
for Panzer IV

Etched Detail Set#HLX48073
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaThe large side armour (Schürzen) fitted to Panzer IIIs and IVs (and smaller skirts to the Panther types) was initially designed to defeat the annoying but deadly Russian 14.5mm anti-tank rifles that were prolific on the Russian front. It was found that a mesh design was just as effective in disrupting the trajectory of the rifle rounds and also saved on weight and this type of Schürzen was fitted to later Panzer IV types and is the subject of this update set from Hauler designed for the Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf.J (kit #35018).

The set consists of three large (for 1:48) etched frets that provide the solid turret panels and a full suite of hull mesh Schürzen as well as all the mounting brackets required.

The quality of the etching is again superb with clean well defined details especially the mesh section of the side panels. As well as the side mesh Schürzen there is also the mesh panels that topped the gap between the hull sides and Schürzen panels that stopped grenades or AT mines being placed between them.

Etched parts
Close up screen mesh

The mounting brackets are quite intricate and careful study of the exploded view drawings in the instructions will help during assembly with the rear turret panel requiring bending to the appropriate curve.

Part of the Schürzen mountings uses 1mm wire which isn’t included in the set, well not my set but the instruction show this so maybe it should have been included?

Once the mounting brackets have been attached to the back of the Schürzen and the hull/turret the large Schürzen panels are then fairly easy to fit.

Another nicely detailed set from Hauler to add the mesh Schürzen to later Panzer IVs giving a completely different look to the finished model and is sure to be welcomed by 1:48 fans.

This set makes a nice alternative from the Voyager Models Panzer IV set VPE48012 which includes the solid metal Schürzen.

Highly recommended.

Image courtesy of Hauler

Thanks to Jan from Hauler Shop for the review set.

Page created March 5, 2006

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