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Replacement Barrel

LionMarc Model Designs Set No. AW-48004
1:48th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaLionMarc Model Designs have released this metal barrel for the recently released Tamiya 1:48 Hetzer Early Production kit #32511 and consists of a single turned barrel with the muzzle drilled out and replacement resin mantlet.

The metal barrel is the correct length which is about 2mm shorter than the oversized Tamiya kit barrel and the resin mantlet is provided so you don't have to modify the kit mantlet to take the new barrel. The resin mantlet is cleanly cast with only very light sanding needed around the edges to smooth out and fits into the Tamiya mantlet support (part B12) the same as the kit mantlet without any problems. The fit of the metal barrel into the resin mantlet is as you expect spot on for a simple update.

The Tamiya kit barrel has the separate end cap that results in a prominent join seam and the cap is actually a little wider than the barrel while the metal barrel has the muzzle cap the same diameter as the barrel with the small seam line where the end cap joins the barrel which is as it should be.

A simple but effective update for the Tamiya kit that that corrects the oversized kit barrel and it should also be noted that the previously released Finemolds Hetzer replacement barrel is also oversized as it simply replicates the Tamiya barrel.

LionMarc Model Designs barrel and resin mantlet with Tamiya barrel and mantlet.
Armour Workshop
Assembled barrel and mantlet
Armour Workshop

Thanks to Winston from Wings n Treads for the LionMarc Model Designs barrel set and also for providing the Tamiya Hetzer kit used in this review.
Wings n Treads carry the full range of Tamiya 1:48 kits and LionMarc Model Designs update sets as well as other kits and accessories.

Page created 15 July 2005

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