Sherman M4 barrel

1:48th Scale
Comparison Review by Terry Ashley

We now have four companies; LionMarc Model Designs, Finemolds, Gaso.Line and Lion Roar with metal M4 Barrels for the new Tamiya M4 Early Production kit#32505 so will have a brief look at each to how they shape up.

This will be a brief comparison as each barrel is nearly identical with only very minor variations in shape (Taper) and all four simply replace the Tamiya barrel without alterations to the kit.

The fit of the barrel was a little loose on three of the barrels with the Finemolds barrel being the best fit without any movement while the Gaso.Line and Lion Roar have very small movement with the LionMarc Model Designs being the loosest fit and care will be needed when gluing to ensure the barrel is located correctly and parallel while the cyanoacrylate cures. We are only taking a small amount of movement but enough for the barrel to flop about a bit if not held parallel.

The other minor point is these are all barrels for the early Sherman M3 gun and these often had a small flare at the muzzle, a feature none of the barrels have but they are all hollowed out for about 5mm for good appearance and of course there is no join seam to deal with as on the Tamiya barrel.

As mentioned all four are virtually identical but the big difference is the etched brass details that come with the Lion Roar set and as such would have to be the one to go for unless you only want a barrel on its own.

LionMarc Model Designs Armour Workshop
Finemolds Finemolds
Gaso.Line Gaso.Line
Lion Roar Lion Roar
Tamiya Tamiya

Additional etched parts with the Lion Roar barrel
Lion Roar

Page Created 12 March 2005

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