Tiger I Early Production

1:48 Scale
Skybow Kit No.3833 - Tamiya Kit No.32504
Initial Kit Comparison by Terry Ashley

Other details
Feifer air cleaner system piping and air cleaners.
Both style of air cleaner is correct although the disc on the Tamiya part should be in the centre.
Tiger I
Exhausts, note simplified top fitting on the Tamiya kit with the actual five pins on the Skybow part.
Lower armoured cover has subtle surface texture on the Skybow part.
Tiger I
Tools, all separate on the Skybow kit while four are included with the upper hull moulding on the Tamiya kit.
Tiger I
Tow cables, finely moulded on both kits
Tiger I
Close up details of the Skybow cables
Tiger I
Close up details of the Tamiya cables
Tiger I
Close up details of both cables.
Tiger I

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