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M4 Sherman M34 gun mount
MR Models Set#MR-4809
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaThis simple update set the Tamiya 1:48 Sherman (kit #32505) consists of 11 parts in light grey resin and one metal 75mm M3 barrel.

Resin quality is excellent with just the usual casting blocks to be removed before use with the set providing an early M34 gun shield and choice if two rotor shields, the early type with separate MG shield and the second type with cheek armour guards, but unfortunately these are not even with one being slightly lower on the shield than the other but isn’t that noticeable after the barrel is fitted.

The shield will need the resin film removed from the front opening and inside the cast on lifting eyes with the fit of the shield to the Tamiya turret being good but may require some very minor trimming of a perfect fit, I only needed to lightest of sanding each end to fit which is good for a resin to plastic kit fit.

A movable gun breech is provided for the inside of the Tamiya turret which is trapped against the back of the shield by two bearings and you have to be sparing with the cyanoacrylate to ensue this moves after assembly. The metal 75mm barrel provided doesn’t have the characteristic tip flare of early M3 barrels but is nicely hollowed out at the muzzle.

A simple update set giving you the early M34 gun mount option for the Tamiya kit as well as metal barrel that is easy to fit for a nice alternate finish.

Highly recommended

Resin and metal parts
MR Models
MR Models
Gun shield fitted to Tamiya turret showing good fit after very minor sanding
MR Models

Thanks to MR Models for the review set.
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