Canvas top and wide wheels

Set #P48-010
1:48th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Tamiya This is not so much as review but a warning not to waste your money as I did.

With the resurgence of 1:48 scale due to Tamiya entering the scale there has been as unprecedented array of aftermarket sets for the Tamiya kits released to date but unfortunately in the rush to get on the bandwagon some products are without wanting to mince words a complete waste of time and money.

This new set of “wide” Schwimmwagen wheels and raised canvas top from Panzerworks designed for the Tamiya Schwimmwagen (Kit #32506) is just such a set where I could not find one good word to say about the parts.

There are five wheels and one full canvas top cast in light grey resin and apart from the casting being quite crisp and very little excess resin to clean up it’s all down hill from there

The wheels are simply a mess, they are wider than the kit wheels but have absolutely no tread pattern on the wheel faces and all have huge pits where the pour block has been broken off and while the hub detail is are okay and well they should be as they are straight copies of the Tamiya wheels but two were distinctly oval shaped and as mentioned a waist of time.

The canvas cover is very thick and the contours are the wrong shape and look very little like the actual cover and the fit to the Tamiya kit was fiddly at best.

I’m sorry to have to report this as I always try to find something positive to say about products but this set is quite ridicules and utterly useless in all regards.

Save your money and wait for someone else to do a better job on these items as I’m sure there will be shortly.

Not recommended.

Panzer Works eggs, sorry wide wheels
Panzer Works
No tread and huge holes in wheels
Panzer Works
Canvas cover top view
Panzer Works
Side view showing the wrong cover contours compared to the real thing
Panzer WorksPanzer Works

Thanks to my Credit Card and to the guys at Rainbow Ten for their excellent service.

Page Created 10 April 2005

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