Takahashi Modelling
German SS s.Pz.Abt101 SS Hauptsturmfuher
Normandy 1944

Takahashi Modelling
1:48 #TK4801
Review by Terry Ashley

Takahashi Modelling are a small company from Japan who have joined the 1:48 resurgence with four German Tank Crew figures designed to go with either the Tamiya or Skybow Tiger I kits.

The first is an SS Tank Commander posed sitting on the gun collar with feet resting on the hull top wearing the typical black SS tankers uniform of 1944 with gloves and officers cap.

The figure is cast in cream resin with just small casting blocks and some minor casting seams on the insides of the lower legs to clean off prior to assembly with the full body in one piece and the arms separate.

The resin used is easy to work with making cleaning up easy but take care when removing the casting block from the arms as removing a little too much from the shoulder will result in small gaps after assembly.

The fit of the arms to the body is good, taking into account the cleanup as above and any small gap can be filled with thick cyanoacrylate as you assembly the parts if required.

The details on the figure is excellent with crisp well defined uniform details with nice fabric folds and details such as lapels and pockets as well as very good facial features for this scale, or any for that matter.

While the details are very good the only reservation is the height of the figure at about 40mm which measures out to 6’ 3” (192cm) in 1:48 scale being very tall for a WWII figure where the average height was around 5’ 6”-5’ 8” (168-173cm). That is not to say there weren't tall people about but it would have been a squeeze inside his tank at that height.

A superbly detailed figure with easy assembly that will come up well with careful painting and while designed to sit on the tank barrel could be posed sitting anywhere, even the front seat of the new Tamiya Citroën 11CV.


Resin parts
Takahashi Modelling
Assembled figure
Takahashi Modelling

Figure courtesy of my Credit Card and the guys at Rainbow Ten with their usual excellent service.

Page created 9 July 2005

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