Panther 75mm Barrel
Review by Terry Ashley

Track48 have released this metal replacement barrel for the 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 gun as used on the Panther tank which consists of a single piece machined brass barrel that includes the muzzle brake.

The barrel is cleanly machined although the muzzle brake is not completely hollowed out with just the gas holes being machined through leaving the top and bottom sections solid but this is not that apparent in this scale and the barrel is drilled out to a depth of 10mm.

The barrel is a simple replacement for the Tamiya kit barrel and negates the need to clean up the kit barrel join seam.


Comparison of Finemolds, Tamiya and Track48 88mm barrels

Thanks to Track48 for the review set.

Page created May 7, 2006

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