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Panzer IV Ausf.J
Voyager Models Set#VPE 48012
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Tamiya The large side armour (Schürzen) fitted to Panzer IIIs and IVs (and small skirts to the Panther types) was initially designed to defeat the annoying but deadly Russian 14.5 anti-tank rifles by disrupting the trajectory of the rifle rounds causing them to ricochet or disintegrate when hitting the vehicle armour.

The set is designed for the Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf.J (kit #32518) and two smaller etched frets with the quality of the etchings being superb with clean crisp details, nice relief on the parts and the usual engraved bend lines for easy bending.

The main features of the set are the solid metal Schürzen panels and hull mounted racks plus all the smaller brackets for the back of the Schürzen and hull. The Schürzen panels are each separate parts which will allow you to leave one or two panels off to add a bit of animation as was often seen in the field.

Also provided is a full set of zimmerit panels for the hull and the kit turret Schürzen if you wish to add these for more variety. The zimmerit pattern is quite nice for etched medium except that while the pattern is engraved the surface is smooth without any real texture but this is probably not that noticeable in the smaller scale and more so after painting and weathering.

Other detail items are all the tool clips and equipment brackets in etched parts as well as the folding side engine intake louvers and the full spare wheel box on the left fender plus the cupola MG mount in fine etched parts and a selection of smaller fittings around the hull and turret. There is also an extremely fine anti-aircraft ring sight for the cupola MG34 which is so thin as to be almost invisibly and will require careful handling.

To fit some of the etched parts will require you to cut off some moulded on detail from the kit parts but nothing that is too difficult for the average modeller.

Voyager continue to reproduce their excellent 1:35 standards in 1:48 with this detailed set that offers a number of excellent choices in finish with the zimmerit and solid Schürzen panels as well as a myriad of fine detail parts for the kit.

This set makes a nice alternative from the Hauler Panzer IV set HLX48073 which includes the metal mesh Schürzen.

Highly recommended.
Etched parts

Thanks to my credit card for the review set.

Page created March 5, 2006

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