Tiger I Tank Crew
Warriors WA 48001

1:48th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

Warriors have released their first 1:48 figure set in response to the new kits from Tamiya and shortly Skybow with this crew set for the Tiger I.

The set consist of one full sitting Loader figure, one three quarter Commander figure and two half crew figures cast in the usual Warriors light cream resin with only the usual casting blocks to be removed and some minor resin film from between the loader’s legs. All wear the later war uniforms with the Commander having the body, arms and head with forage cap and headphones as separate parts while the Loader has the complete body, legs and one arm cast in one piece with just a separate left arm and head with field cap and headphones. The driver and co-driver both have separate heads wearing forage caps with all having nicely defined uniform details and very good facial features for this smaller scale.

The sitting figure is designed to be resting on the sill of the Loader’s hatch with indentations on the undersides of the legs to accommodate the hatch rim with legs dangling inside the turret while the three quarter Commander fits into the cupola with one hand resting on the cupola rim.
The two half figures are for the driver and co-driver and you will have to add these from inside early on in the construction as the shoulders will not fit through the hatches with only the head protruding above the hull and this will pose a minor problem if you decide to add the crew after the kits are assembled.

The fit of the parts was very good without any gaps after attaching the arms and heads which can be left off to make painting easier and of course you can add intercom leads to the headphones from thin wire to finish off the figurers.

A very nicely detailed crew for the new Tiger I kits with well defined details that will look very good after painting with the only thing to watch is the need to add the two front crew members before assembling the kit if you include these with the Commander and Loader having nice animation to add life to the models.

Highly recommended.

The resin parts:


The figure set is available in the US from ModelMecca and in Australia from Firestorm Models.

Thanks to VLS/ModelMecca for the review figure set.

Page created 20 January 2005

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