WW2 Productions
Tiger I Early
Individual Track links

WWII Productions Set No. 48001
1:48th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaWWII Productions are the third company to release a set of individual resin track links for the Tamiya 1:48 Tiger I early production (kit #32504) with the set containing 220 track links in light grey resin.

There is virtually no cleanup needed on the links with just some thin resin film to be cleaned out of the lightning holes in the guide teeth and the occasional minor resin residue along the link lip plus the occasional very small air hole which go unnoticed on the assembled track runs.

The detail in excellent on the links with crisp details and superb inner pin details and it’s a shame this is on the inside and not easily seen on the finished kit.

Resin track links
WW2 Productions

As with previous WWII Productions track sets there are two pins on each link, one large and one small that fit into corresponding holes in the subsequent links and assembly is very simple and quick.

Simply slip one link over the larger pin and applying slight downward pressure on the next link clip this over the smaller pin with light finger pressure and that’s it with the assembled links articulating freely.

Assembly sequence of links
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions

The fit of the assembled track to the Tamiya kit drive sprocket is very good although there was a very small amount of play but this will become less when the full track run of 91-92 links is fitted to the model.

While designed for the Tamiya kit the tracks also fit even better to the new Skybow kit drive sprocket with a snug fit without any movement at all and means WWII Productions won’t have to worry about releasing a separate set for the Skybow kit.

WWII Prod links around Tamiya drive sprocket (left) and Skybow drive sprocket (middle)
Inside view of Skybow sprocket showing WWII Prod pin details
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
WWII Productions track links (left) and Tamiya tracks (right)
WW2 ProductionsArmour Workshop

I also found that the assembled track runs did not tend to come apart when being handled under normal conditions as some snap together links tend to do and this makes the tracks even easier to use.

A superb set of resin tracks with crisp detail which are very quick and easy to assembly after the minor cleanup and are better detailed and easier to assembly than the other sets available from LionMarc Model Designs and Atelier infinite and are sure to be welcomed for the ever growing band of 1:48 modellers.

Highly recommended

WWII Productions have also released a set of Mid/Late Tiger I tracks for the Skybow Tiger I Late production kit.

The tracks are available direct from:
WWII Productions
PO Box 100 Waratah
NSW 2298

Phone 61 2 4967 3205 (from inside Australia 02 4967 3205)
Fax 61 2 4967 3207 (from inside Australia 02 4967 3207)

or in the US from M&Models

Thanks to Bill from WWII Productions for the review set.

Page created 17 May 2005

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