WW2 Productions
T-34 Waffle Pattern Track
WWII Productions Set No. 48003
1:48th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley


WWII Productions continue their 1:48 resin replacement tracks with this set designed for the Tamiya 1:48 T-34-76 (kit #32515) and SU-122 (kit #32527).

The set has 170 track links (68 per side) in light grey resin with the typical T-34 alternate links, one with the guide tooth and the other without in two separate bags. Both have excellent detail but on the face and smooth in the inside as they should but there is a bit of excess resin film to be removed from the link recesses, plus some of the pin holes are solid and will need to be drilled out before assembly.

Resin track links
WW2 Productions

The cleanup is easy with the resin film being very thin and a quick pass with a sharp X-Acto #11 blade is all that is needed and the links are ready to be assembled.

Links before and after cleanup also showing the pins and locating holes
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions

This is very straightforward with each guide tooth link having four pins with two at one end slightly larger than the other and you simply slip the next plain link over the larger locating pin and using a pair of fine tweezers gently “lift and clip” the opposite end of the link over the smaller pin.

Repeat this sequence for each alternate link but as mentioned some of the locating holes on the plain link were not opened up and you will need to drill these out slightly before fitting. A quick check before fitting will show those needing drilling and the ratio was about 4 to 1 for those requiring the holes drilled out.

Using the “lift and clip” method ensures the small pin is not snapped off as the links are clipped together but care must be taken as the pins are quite small and there was a few links that wouldn’t stay together. These can simply be glued together and used for the ground track run so they will not be wasted.

The assembled track runs fit perfectly around the Tamiya kit sprockets as you would expect and articulate freely for very natural sit over the top of the road wheels.

Assembly sequence quick and easy
WW2 ProductionsWW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions
WWII Productions track links fitted to the Tamiya T-34
WW2 ProductionsWW2 Productions

Another excellent set of resin tracks from WWII Productions that are virtually shrunken versions of the excellent 1:35 T-34 tracks sets.  They display an equal degree of detail that certainly looks good in 1:48 and while requiring care during assembly will add considerably to the final appearance of the models.

Highly recommended.

The tracks are available direct from:
WWII Productions
PO Box 100 Waratah
NSW 2298

Phone 61 2 4967 3205 (from inside Australia 02 4967 3205)
Fax 61 2 4967 3207 (from inside Australia 02 4967 3207)

In the US they are available from Mission Models

Thanks to Bill from WWII Productions for the review set.

Page created June 10, 2006

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