The Photo Journal of the Second World War
Issue 10
Ampersand Publishing.
96 pages soft cover.

Review by Terry Ashley

The Book:
The tenth in the series continues the same formula of good close-up photos plus wartime photos. Many of the in action photos are one to a page which allows the details to be clearly seen with the large photos while the close-up detail shots are usually four to a page, still large enough to clearly see the details. Each page has brief descriptions at the bottom of each picture.

Contents of issue 10:

PzKpfw 35(t): (Pages 2 to 22)
The first 15 pages are of wartime action photos that show the vehicle and crews to good effect while the next 7 pages have close-up shots of a museum 35(t).

U.S. M3 "Lee" Medium Tank: (Pages 23 to 39)
This section is again broken up with wartime photos and close-up museum shots of the "Lee". The wartime photos are mostly training shots while the close-ups are of the exterior only but do show some excellent details.

Sturmgeschütz at the front: (Pages 40 to 62)
This section is entirely made up of wartime action photos of the Stug III from the Ausf.B, through the Ausf.C/D, Ausf.F to the final Ausf.G shown in various configurations from the early, mid and late production batches. A good overall coverage of the Stug.

U.S. Rockets in WW2: (Pages 63 to 72)
Highlights the use of 4.5" rockets during WWII with a couple of shots of the launcher tubes mounted on Jeep but mostly of the Sherman "Calliope" T34 mounting. The photos are all wartime but are semi-close-up to provide good details of the mountings.

German Sd.Kfz.250 Halftrack: (Pages 73 to 96)
This section is again broken up with the first half having general wartime action shots of the 250/1 "Alte" mostly from the Russian campaign with the second half having many detailed close-up photos of a museum 250/1 "Alte" and has detailed images of the exterior as well as interior and engine shots for an excellent coverage for the modeller.

In all another great issue of this series, which are a must for serious armour fans.

Thanks to Ampersand for the review copy.


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