The Photo Journal of the Second World War
Issue 13
Ampersand Publishing.
96 pages soft cover.

Review by Terry Ashley

The Book:
The thirteenth in the series continues the same formula of good close-up photos plus wartime photos. Many of the in action photos are one to a page which allows the details to be clearly seen with the large photos while the close-up detail shots are usually four to a page, still large enough to clearly see the details. Each page has brief descriptions at the bottom of each picture.

Contents of issue 13:

M3 Medium Tank Pt2: (Pages 2 to 20)
This continues the coverage of the M3 from Issue 10 and includes many training shots of M3 as well as a couple from the Far East. There are also some good detail shots of the engine undergoing repair inside and outside of the vehicle, a couple of interesting shots are of the trial T16 Heavy Tractor based on diesel M3A5 chassis that never went into production and a shot of a Ship hold with M3s loaded for shipment to North Africa.

German 38(t) Tank: (Pages 21 to 34)
This section has a good overall wartime photo selection of the 38(t) in action during the early stages of the war.
All the photos a semi-close up offering some nice details with a few detail shots of the hull and suspension.

U.S. Heavy Artillery: (Pages 35 to 60)
All wartime action shots of the 155mm "Long Tom", 8-inch Howitzer and M4 High Speed Tractor show the guns in nice detail with most of the photos again being semi-close up. There are some good shots of the guns firing as well as a couple showing what happens when a round goes off in the breech due to excessive wear. The dolly and wheels/tyres are shown to good effect and there are good diorama potential in many of the photos. The last pages have external walk around photos of the M4 HST used to tow the 155 and 8-inch guns which will be very useful in building the available kits.

Sherman: Early and Late: (Pages 61 to 88)
This is an intersting mixture with the first pages dealing with early M4A1s and some M4s with early training photos and production line shots then switches to the late war M4A3E8 with all the photos being wartime in-action shots from the ETO and a one showing 105mm vehicles on Okinawa and a few pages with M4A3E8s in Korea.

40mm Automatic Gun M1 (Bofors): (Pages 89 to 96)
This final section again has all in-action shots of the M1 in semi-close up showing some nice details. The photos also offer good diorama potential with shots of the guns in place in Normandy, Italy and Paris with the back cover have a nice colour shot of a gun emplacement, these photos are a perfect compliment to the Tech Manual CD from Easy 1 Productions on the 40mm M1 Bofors.

In all another great issue of this series, which are a must for serious armour fans.

Thanks to Ampersand for the review copy.


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