book PANTHER Pz.Kpfw V
This book is in the Squadron Signal format, but the text is entirely in Russian. Therefore I can't quote the publisher or other details as I can't read Russian. It is packed with photos of the Panther mostly as used on the Eastern Front, but a few have been seen in other books. Each photo has an English caption, so all is not lost and there is a brief introduction at the front also in English. I found a lot of the pics of detroyed Panthers taken by the Russian units responsible to be great interest. It also has 1/35th plans of the different Panther variants and some of the other variants (Berg's, Jadgpanther) and an interesting shot of a Panther command tank with a Panzer IV turret?
This is well worth the $AUS 10 price tag and a recommended addition to your library.

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