bookAFV Modeller
Issue 12

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
65 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 12 is another excellent magazine, the contents are as follows:

Karl My Bluff by Dave Parker
If you were unsure at just how simplified the Dragon Karl Kit is (see kit review) then this superb build will answer most questions. Dave has addressed nearly all the areas needing attention in this 10 page article filled with detailed photos of the kit during construction showing the additions and alterations as well as of the finished kit highlighted by the excellent painting and weathering. The clear photos are complimented with descriptive text to explain what's happening in the construction photos for what is an inspiring build of this big mortar. Click here to see some preview pics of Dave's.

A mortar called Karl by Thomas Anderson
To compliment Dave's kit build Thomas Anderson presents this 7 page photo essay of the only remaining Karl with many close-up photos showing all those details modellers love and this along with the kit build will provide just about all the details you will need to really do justice to the big Dragon kit.

Panzer 1a by Tony Greenland
This 6 page article highlights the building of Tristar's excellent Panzer 1a with the help of an ABER etched set. There are good photos of the model during construction as well as showing the painting and weathering process.

Unno's Prey by Ulf Andersson
A 13 page article detailing the building of a disembowelled ISU152 based on actual photographs of the destroyed vehicle. The actual photographs plus a detailed history of the action that saw its destruction are included as are some interior shots of a real ISU152. The model is faithfully reproduced to the photographs and highlighted with a few shots during construction while the majority showing the completed model with the excellent paint finish and construction of the damage inflicted when the internal ammo went off, an excellent model.

Ardennes Tiger by Antonio Martin Tello
This 7 section describes the building of the Tamiya Tiger II and the models is featured in numerous colour photos of the finished model.

Xtreme detail
6 pages of detailed close-up colour photos showing the exterior and interior of a Panzer 1a which will prove invaluable in building the Tristar kit.

Keeping Track - New releases
The usual 4 page run down on new products for the modeller with brief descriptions and photos of the products featured.

Cromwell ARV Mk1 by John Tapsell
Finally a 9 page article details the building of an ARV Mk1 based on the Tamiya Cromwell/Centaur with both scratch built exterior modifications and full fighting compartment interior. The detailed text describes the building and there are numerous images of the kit during construction as well as drawings of the exterior layout for the racks and equipment storage. This is a nice model that offers something different for those interested in support vehicles.

The issue would have to be one of the best yet published and will be invaluable for anyone wanting to build either the Dragon Karl or Tristar Panzer 1a, it is bound to become a collectors item.

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