bookAFV Modeller
Issue 13

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
65 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 13 contents are as follows:

Red Death, White Fields by Mig Jiminez (pages 2-13)
This is a detailed photo essay on the construction of the diorama which features a T-34-76 passing a destroyed Pz.IV F/2 during 1943.
There are many detailed photos showing the models during construction and the painting/weathering process and with the accompanying text gives a good description of the techniques used which can also be transferred to other modelling projects. There are also shots of the finished diorama to show the results of all the work described in the article.

Train Spotting by Antonio Martín Tello (pages 14-27)
This article details the building of a 1/72 scale Tiger I and SdKfz.251 incorporated into a small diorama. The text is complimented with photos of the models during construction and the painting process to give a good coverage of their construction. The building of the base and the figures is also highlighted with photos during and after construction as well as of the finished diorama.

Panzer! by Hyung Tae Kim (pages 28-34)
This article highlights the building of Dragon's excellent T-34-85 with four Verlinden figures in a dynamic action diorama of the T-34 breaking through German defences. There are many good photos of the finished diorama as well as text highlighting the painting and weathering process.

Scale Welding by Lee Lloyd (pages 36-41)
A detailed article with many photos and diagrams showing techniques for creating effective weld seams of different types and situations that should be very helpful for modellers.

Xtreme detail (pages 42-51)
A detailed close-up look at the Strv 122, the up armoured and improved Leopard 2 in Swedish service with many colour photos showing the exterior in great detail. Each page has six photos and as each only shows a particular part of the vehicle the detail is very good and will be a welcome addition to the reference library.

Keeping Track - New releases (pages 52-55)
The usual 4 page run down on new products for the modeller with brief descriptions and photos of the products featured.

Euro Militaire 2003 Show report (pages 56-64)
A superb roundup of the show with all colour photos of some of the excellent models on display including 2 pages on the exceptional action diorama "End of Era" by Douglas Lee.

The issue continues the excellent trend of this magazine.

Page Created 16 November 2003

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