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Issue 17

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 17 continues the high quality with some impressive models with the contents as follows:

Sd.Kfz.9/2 Famo with 10 tonne Demag Crane by Darren Thompson (pages 1-17)
Back when I read the Nut & Bolts book on the Famo and saw the photos and plans of the Sd.Kfz.9/2 with the big 10 tonne crane I thought that it would make an impressive model, well instead of just thinking about it Darren Thompson has gone ahead and created a very impressive model.

The article has numerous photos of the model based on the Tamiya kit during construction including the rebuilt rear chassis and suspension components with new fenders and other fittings. The complex crane with its large counter weight are equally well covered with progress pics and detailed text fully describing the building process.
There are also many close up photos of the finished model with the text explaining the painting and weathering process.
This is a superbly detailed model and the many close-up photos during and after construction will not only impress but provide inspiration to all, that's if you can stop looking at the pictures.

Faun Again by Andreas Gey (pages 16-23)
The Trumpeter kit is built basically from the box with progress details shots showing the building, painting and weathering process with pigment powders along with brief text and photo captions describing the pictures.

Sd.Kfz.250 mit 5cm Pak by Rudi Meir (pages 24-31)
Take one Dragon Sd.Kfz.250 (kit#6100), and add the Dragon 5cm Pak 38 (kit#6118) and a stack of Aber etched parts and you have this interesting conversion of the 250/1 with 5cm Pak.
The article has many photos of the model during construction showing the alteration to the kit hull as well as scratch building the gun mounting and adding the Aber brass to the interior and 5cm gun.
There are also many photos of the finished model as well as detailed text describing the building and painting/weathering process.

Modelling the Panzer IV Ausf E Part2 by Tom Cockle (pages 32-37)
This is part two on building the Panzer IV Ausf E and concentrates on the painting of the vehicle and figures with numerous photos of the finished model and descriptive text.

JS-3M by David Bilek (pages 38-43)
David Bilek takes a break from producing some excellent resin sets to model this abandoned JS-3M in 1/72nd scale using the Roden kit with Aber metal barrel and Extratech etched detail set.
The article has photos of the model during and after construction to show the details added to the kit as well as the painting process to arrive at a finished kit that you really have to be told its in 1/72nd scale and not 1/35th.

Xtreme Detail (pages 44-49)
The section has as the subject the Challenger 2 with many close-up detail shots of just about every part of the hull and turret exterior and is just the thing for detailing up either the Tamiya or Trumpeter C2 kits.

Keeping Track - New releases (pages 50-55)
The usual 6 page run down on new products for the modeller with brief descriptions and photos of the products featured.

Jaboschreck by Thomas Anderson (pages 56-64)
This interesting article describes the conversion of the Tamiya Steyr to make a Steyr 2000 carrying the 3cm Flak 103/38 which was a combination of 3cm Mk103 aircraft cannon and the carriage of the Flak 38.
The conversion uses the Tamiya Steyr 1500 and Flak 38 carriage plus parts from the New Connections 3cm Flak 103/38 kit and Royal Models etched gun shields. There is a detailed history of the guns development along with numerous wartime photos of the gun and mounting as well as many detailed shots of the model under construction.
This is a very interesting article not just from a modelling aspect from the history, details and photos of the 3cm Flak 103/38 included.

The issue continues the excellent trend of this magazine with the standout articles being the Sd.Kfz.9/2 Famo with 10 tonne Demag Crane and 3cm Flak 103/38.

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