bookAFV Modeller
Issue 19

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 19 continues the high quality with some impressive models with the contents as follows:

Red Tide Rising (Part Two) by Adam N.P. Wilder, Carlos Elias and Abilio Pineiro Grajera (pages 2-13)
Part 2 describing the construction of this large diorama with a disabled Panther being overrun by a T-34-85 amongst a twisted industrial site. This section deals with the construction of the base and buildings with many progress photos.

T-Time by David Parker (pages 14-23)
This article deals with the building of the Trumpeter 1:16 T-34s with the descriptive text accompanied by many superb close-up detail shots of the models during construction showing the many additional detail items added for the interior and exterior plus shots of the finished kits showing the excellent finish. Anyone building these kits should read this article first for some real inspiration.

Inside the T-34-76 1942 (pages 24-27)
Eight black and white photos with two to a page of the interior of the Model 1942 with each photo large enough to really show the details for you to add to the model.

Inside the T-34-85 (pages 28-31)
The inside of the -85 are shown in great detail, this time in full colour with all those little details we all just love to see.

Inside the T-34-76 1943 (pages 32-39)
This section has many interior and exterior colour shots of a beat up Model 1943 but still show plenty of details that can be used to enhance the Trumpeter kit.

Euro Militaire 2004 Part 1 (pages 40-47)
This eight page spread shows in numerous colour photos the main winning models from Euro Militaire 2004.

Keeping Track - New releases (pages 48-53)
The usual 6 page run down on new products for the modeller with brief descriptions and photos of the products featured.

Building a Brummbar by Steve van Beveren (pages 54-64)
This article describes the building of an early model Brummbar with many excellent close-up shots of the model under construction with additional shots of the finished model with descriptive text highlighting the whole process.

The issue continues the excellent trend of this magazine with more excellent modelling and reference material.

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