bookAFV Modeller
Issue 24

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 24 continues the high quality with some impressive models with the contents as follows:

C-Scape by Mark Neville (pages 2-8)
This article describes in text and pictures the building of the Dragon Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C on a small base with four figures. There are a few photos of the kit during construction but the majority are of the finished scene showing the final weathering.

Otto Carius' Tiger by Markus Eriksson (pages 9-15)
The Tamiya Tiger I is the basis for this model which uses the TMD turret and detail parts as well as ABER etched parts and Eduard barrel. The text describes the building and painting process with images of the model during construction and after painting as well as the small scenic base and three figures added to the final scene.

BTT-1 by Lee Lloyd (pages 16-25)
Lee presents another of his stunning feasts for the eyes with this build of the BTT-1, the recovery version built on the ISU chassis with the final model left unpainted to show the stunning array of different materials used in the model. The Dragon Chinese JSU 152 Howitzer was the basis for the model with the MR Models BTT-1 conversion set, Karaya metal cables, Fruil tracks, road wheels and drive sprockets, etched sets from Eduard and Part, the ARMO late T34 engine set as well as plenty of wire and scratch built items. The history, research and building of the model is detailed in the text with many close-up shots of the model during construction as well as of the finished model which looks more interesting in the unpainted state than if all the different mediums were painted over.

Blitzkrieg France May 1940 by Bernard Lustig (pages 26-35)
Next we have a visually appealing and well executed diorama from France 1940 of a Bison I moving over a city bridge with a knocked out Char B1 bis plus ten figures and a scratch built three story city building. The Char B1 bis is the out of production Alby resin kit with numerous improvements with the Bison I starting life as the Zvezda kit with the extensive New Connection conversion set plus etched parts from Eduard and ABER, other items from Fruil model, Royal Models and scratch built items. The bridge and building was also scratch built and look very convincing with a few images showing them during construction as well as after painting and included in the final street scene. The figures are a mixture of various kit figures from Dragon, Warriors, Hecker & Goros and Yoshi with some modifications and include German infantry and gun crew plus two surrendering French soldiers. The detailed text describes the building of the kits and buildings and this is accompanied with photos of the kits during assembly and after painting with numerous shots of the final diorama which is well composed, not overly cluttered and thankfully not a paint chip to be seen.

Afghan Armour by Patrick Winnepenninckx (pages 36-41)
This short photo essay is of a heavy weapons depot in Afghanistan with images of derelict vehicles in various states of disrepair. There are shots of T-72s, T-55s, BMPs and a ZSU-23-4 and T-34-85 for some interesting shots for anyone wanting a diorama subject that bit different.

Xtreme detail M551 Sheridan (pages 42-46)
Another useful reference feature with excellent exterior and interior details of a museum M551 with many close-up detail shots of the hull and turret and a few inside the turret which will be very useful for builders of the Academy kit.

Keeping Track - New releases (pages 48-53)
The usual 6 page run down on new products for the modeller with brief descriptions and photos of the products featured.

Tiger (P) by Adam Wilder (pages 54-64)
This is a detailed build article of the Dragon Tiger (P) with many step by step shots of the model under construction showing the added details as well as applying the zimmerit using Milliput putty. The detailed text describes each of the steps shown in the photos as well as giving other details. The painting and weathering process is also shown in step by step photos and text for an informative article on building the kit.

The issue continues the excellent trend of this magazine with more excellent modelling and reference material.

Highly recommended.

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