bookAFV Modeller
Issue 30

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 30 contains,

Page 2 to 9 T-54 AM
by Andy Taylor – 1:35.
Nicely done Tamiya T-54 simply reworked to an earlier version that was used in the Afghan war of 2001. Standard quality build with Trakz road wheels and Friul tracks and a MIG mantle.
The author uses fine silk fabric to represent the canvas mantlet cover to great effect. No figures or base.

Page 10 to 17 Dragon’s New Panzer IV Ausf.E
By Tom Cockle – 1:35
Billed as “Tom Cockle gives a unique insight into the evolution of a new kit”. Is a cross between an infomercial and a build article of DML’s somewhat flawed Panzer IV E. It’s difficult to understand the theme of the article which gives a brief overview of the development of the kit and a few tips regarding the kits build but avoids any of the kits major flaws such as the drive sprocket. Basically the story is one of rushed endeavour with the end result being a highly detailed if inaccurate kit. Displayed on a scenic base with 3 figures re-filling.

Page 18 to 25 Dusty DD
By David Parker - 1:35
Amazing build of one of the Resicast DD Shermans. Some interesting construction details using the authors authentic style. This is a step-by-step article with good photography showing all the construction and minor upgrades done by the author, very handy if you’re considering one of these excellent Resicast beasts. Realistically weathered with 1 Alpine figure in the turret and as usual crowned off with his signature hand painted turret numbers.

Page 26 to 35 Old Soldiers
By Jan-Willem de Boer and Alex van Riezen.
An overly long photo presentation of a couple of destroyed Ex – Syran, Ex-German AFV’s from the 6-Day war of 1967. Whilst not without interest it could have been half the 10 pages for all the detail worth seeing. The best picture is from a preserved StuG at the Israeli La Turn museum showing the commanders cupola MG mount in some detail.

Page 36 to 41 Finnish T-50
By Tito Costa (Translation by Jorge Alvear) -1:72
Interesting build of the Techmod T-50 Russian light tank as captured and used by the Finnish Army.
Presented on a simple woodland track scene with 4 figures. Some good ground work information and a very subtle camouflage pattern on the tank.

Page 42 to 47 Xtreme detail, Sd.Kfz.234/4
29 photographs showing some excellent fighting compartment details of the 7.5cm  gun and fighting compartment. There are 3 photographs showing the gun crutch detail but otherwise all shots are of the inside of the vehicle.  The photos do speak for themselves but once again the captions don’t really add anything to further our knowledge. Very handy for the new DML Sd.Kfz. 234/4.

Page 48 to 55 Keeping Track – product highlights of recent AFV or AFV accessory releases.

Page 56 to 64 Soggy Tanker
By Sam Dwyer – 1:35
Very nice build of the Tamiya M4 Sherman with the CMK interior sets, Tasca final drive and a bunch of Formations accessories and updates. Some useful in construction shots of the internal sets and some nice details regarding the weathering techniques used. The model presented is based on a colour plate from the Squadron Signal Sherman-in-Action publication and is shown in a 2-tone camouflage finish with a very effective rained on wet look which is described in the text. One figure holding an umbrella on the turret.

I was expecting something special to mark issue 30 and 5 years of the magazine’s existence such as the Panther or T-34 special editions but it was just another ‘ordinary’ edition with a good general mix. Congratulations to the team at AFV Modeller for reaching 5 years of quality publication.

Highly recommended.

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