bookAFV Modeller
Issue 31

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 31 contains,

Page 2 to 11 Initial Tiger 1
By Dinesh Ned – 1:35
This is a very subtle build representing an early Tiger 1 (actual vehicle 111) using the Dragon initial Tiger with only WW2 Productions new ‘mirrored’ tracks and some screens for the rear deck. There are certainly some good modelling details in particular the hatch details for the driver and radio operator. Not displayed on a base but with two turret crew and the driver, not Dinesh’s best figures.

Page 12 to 22 Northern Alliance T-55
by Sam Dwyer – 1:35.
Nicely built Tamiya T55 with a CMK interior set, MIG Production mantlet with Eduard barrel, some Blast Models turret details and Friul tracks. Sam knows how to use an aftermarket set. Very good use of MIG’s pastel techniques is shown with effect. Every time someone builds a T55 to this standard I have to fight the urge to run out and buy one. No base but a couple of suitable figures from Warriors on the engine deck  

Page 23 to 29 Seventies Seventy Six
By Luciano Rodriguez – 1:35
This tank is on the front cover. While it is well built and brilliantly finished it is still a 30 year old Tamiya T34/76 (model 43). Life is too short to be building this type of kit when much better alternatives are available. The Kasten tracks certainly help but the rear deck is left alone.
That aside the author’s focus is on the painting/presentation and with this he excels. This article is well illustrated to show how the finish is achieved. Photographed with a Russian Tristar crewman in the turret on a nice dirt road base.

Page 30 to 37 The A34 Comet
By Dick Taylor
Short overview of the British Comet tank with an excellent selection of wartime photographs well (large) produced. Of particular interest are two photographs showing the ‘post war’ ribbed idler wheel to good effect and in use during the war. Careful reference should be made between these pictures and the following article of a museum Comet with some post war fittings.

Page 38 to 47 Xtreme Detail, A34 Comet
By Chris Hughes (photographs and captions)
Extremely useful collection of detail photographs from an unnamed collection. Very good for a quick game of ‘spot the difference’ between the real thing and what Bronco produced. Not all post war fittings are identified however, the electrical fittings on the turret for example (which are on the Bronco kit), so reference to the previous article is warranted. There are 42 exterior and 30 interior shots which are very useful for adding ‘through the hatch’ details.

Page 48 to 55 Keeping Track – product highlights of recent AFV or AFV accessory releases.

Page 56 to 64 Euro Militaire, 2006
A short photographic report featuring 18 models from this year at Euro Militaire held at Folkstone. Inspirational work from people who actually finish their projects.

Another informative edition rich with modelling technique and inspiration.
Thoroughly recommended.

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