bookAFV Modeller
Issue 33

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 33 contains,
Euro Militaire Special

Review by Jon Bailey

Krupp Steyer Waffentrager Page 2 to 11
By Adam Wilder – 1:35
This is a pretty impressive build of the New Connection Models Waffentrager (mit 88 L/71). Adam has made an interesting interpretation of the few available photos, of the example found after the war to produce a very exciting primer-red coated vehicle.
This is a step by step article on how to paint and weather a mono tone coloured vehicle. Even if late war German vehicles leave you cold this has some very useful information. The treatment of the steel hatches is particularly interesting as his weathering techniques. No base or figures.

Scram Page 12 to 21
By Bernhard Lustig – 1:35
A superb, highly animated diorama, of a Ferdinand crew bailing out into a Russian trench after hitting a mine. The base vehicle is from DML with Friulmodel tracks, Aber brass and barrel along with the full Jaguar interior set. The six figures are largely converted or scratch built and full of life. There are some interesting progress shots but not that much in the way of text. Part two (presumably in the next issue) details the ground work which is particularly good.

Konrad III Pager 22 to 31
By Phil Stutcinskas – 1:35
Phil’s ‘best of show’ award winning panzer IV is shown in detail. Based on a Tamiya panzer IV, Kasten tracks with Aber brass and barrel.
There is a brief description of the ‘hair spray’ technique he used to apply the white-wash camouflage. An interesting effect but somehow the white paint looks far to thick - perhaps because it’s sitting on a layer of hair spray? Some good historical information in the form of a letter from the former crew commander of the vehicle modelled. There are several good photos showing the crew figures and infantry on the back of the vehicle unpainted which is very useful. Displayed on a suitable winter base.

Nashorn Page 32 to 39
By Alex Clark – 1:72
It’s very hard to model a knocked out vehicle realistically but Alex has nailed it with this Nashorn. He used the DML kit as a base with some parts from the Revell Nashorn and an Aber barrel (I’m starting to see a trend here). The rest (the bulk) was scratch built. Shown on a simple dirt base with a very nice figure.

Xtreme Detail, Swedish Centurion Pages 40 to 47
Photos by Alex van Riezen
47 external shots of the Swedish version of the Centurion tank. The captioning is minimal but informative. There are no internal shots but some specific Swedish modifications are shown well. It has reactive armour supplements and a late pattern engine deck. The camouflage pattern is very tempting.

SU-100 Page 56 to 64
By Kristof Pulinckx – 1:35
This is a nice, almost simple, build of a DML SU 100 with Aber brass /barrel and Kasten tracks.
Good technique and explanation regarding the tracks and how to weather them.
No base or figures.

So there you go, all you need to win Gold at Euro is a DML or Tamiya kit, Aber barrel/brass and Kasten tracks… oh, and the talent these guys have. A very worthwhile edition.

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